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Whether you're remodeling your entire home or simply wish to add a little light to a room, no form of lighting is as streamlined and well integrated as recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting is artfully placed within a wall or ceiling. This adds greatly to your homes aesthetic and eliminates the need for bulky and protrusive lighting fixtures. Our licensed electricians will help you design an elegant and well integrated recessed lighting system for as many rooms as you require.

Sylvia Electrical Contracting prides itself that our installation is prompt and efficient. We've installed countless recessed lighting systems and are proud of our reputation as a premiere lighting specialist. Contact us today to find out if recessed lighting is right for you.


Whether you're building anew or simply wish to update the existing lighting system in your home or office, Sylvia Electrical Contracting can outfit you with an entirely new lighting control system. A Boston electrician, Peabody, Boston, Fitchburg electricians
We provide a complete array of lighting and home electrical systems and our Boston Electricians are  eager to design and install an impressive lighting control system in your home or office.

Our qualified electrical contractors specialize in a variety of lighting control systems that will dramatically reduce energy costs, improve convenience and add value to your home. We can customize a unique lighting concept that is tailored to your home's existing systems and provides control to every facet of your new lighting system.

Our services have an incredible range of lighting possibilities that include:

  • One touch control lighting-to convey the perfect mood

  • Remote control lighting systems-easily controlled through your cell phone or other remote apparatus

  • Full residential lighting systems-control every light in the house

  • Home theater lighting

No matter which configuration you choose, you are always assured that you will receive prompt, reliable service for our staff of licensed electricians. We guarantee that your new lighting control system meets with your absolute satisfaction and functions in accordance with your specifications.

Whether it's a single home theater system or your entire house, we will design and install a system with a measure of quality that is unparalleled by the competition.


The beauty of a track system is its versatility. The track layout can be expanded or reconfigured, one can move the heads around, add more, change types, or point them in different directions. Keep in mind that track is mainly an accent and task light (artwork, furniture, architectural details).

Remember, all light fixtures, especially track heads are just glorified light bulb holders; you are choosing the proper lamp and finding a way to hold it in space. Ideally one would pick the appropriate lamp for a given application (task, accent, wall wash) and then find a track head that will hold it.

Track lighting is one of the most commonly used and misunderstood of the lighting system types. Here are some track lighting principles:

  • Because track lighting is very directional, track systems perform best as accent lights or task lights.

  • Track does not work well providing general light in large rooms.

  • Also, track lighting requires the assembling of different components to make a complete system. Call a Boston electrician or electricians in your area.


Sylvia Electrical Contracting are experts in the creation of dynamic lighting environments for your home, office, retail shop or factory space.

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